75 + Years of History


Interstate Music has been around to equip every musician in any genre for over 75 years. As the historic timeline of music has evolved, a version of storytelling has been passed down from generation to generation. Interstate highways were created June 29th, 1956. Since then, artists have tirelessly traveled these roads to showcase their creations around the country. To us, interstates symbolize the movement of people, ideas, cultures and most importantly music…to connect everything and everyone.

Interstate Music embodies both social and experiential opportunities for music lovers and musicians through information, instruments, and all things trending. Although Interstate Music is an accessible e-commerce platform to shop, it is also a place to stay “in tune” with the industry (pun intended!). Creating a relationship and a culture through Interstate Music is our passion and providing access to the leading manufacturers through one source is our purpose. Stay connected through audio and video content within our blog posts and podcast called, “The Interstate of Music.” To capture hip trends, what’s changing, and what’s to come, we will pave the way through InterstateMusic.com. We want to be your source for community, not just products.

Re-Building Interstate Music

As much as we all get frustrated with construction, sometimes the interstate just needs to be freshened up a bit. Since the acquisition of Cascio Interstate Music we have worked very hard to redefine our purpose regarding consumers and musicians throughout the country. In a time when brick and mortar retail is being challenged, our goal is to change the e-commerce experience to be more social and experiential, so consumers have the confidence to buy online. Because Cascio was the family name that started the retail music business back in 1946, we have chosen to respect it during our rebranding, as we transition from brick and mortar retail to a 100% e-commerce business through Interstate Music.

For the past 11 years, our parent company Geneva Supply, has been headquartered in South East, Wisconsin, but with the desire to maintain the rust belt roots of the music industry, we are opening an additional location in the Greater Milwaukee Area. The creation of our 1,600 sq. ft. event space is to connect local musicians, who have been patrons of Cascio Music for the past 75 years, with different educational workshops, product launches, and manufacturers. We cannot wait to start this journey and make Interstate Music feel like home.