Berg Larsen Tenor Saxophone Hard Rubber Mouthpiece - 105/2 SMS

Berg Larsen Tenor Saxophone Hard Rubber Mouthpiece - 105/2 SMS


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Introducing the Berg Larsen Tenor Saxophone Hard Rubber Mouthpiece - 105/2 SMS, where tradition meets innovation for an unforgettable playing experience! Step into the legacy of Berg Larsen, a name synonymous with excellence in saxophone craftsmanship since 1945. Crafted with care from black ebonite (hard rubber), this mouthpiece embodies the rich heritage and dedication to quality that Berg Larsen is renowned for. Get ready to be swept away by the lush, warm tones that emanate effortlessly from this mouthpiece. Whether you're jazzing it up or laying down some soulful melodies, the Berg Larsen Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece delivers exceptional playability and versatility that'll have you sounding your best in any musical setting. But that's not all – we know every saxophonist is unique, which is why this mouthpiece comes with customizable options. Experiment with different baffles and tip openings to find your perfect match, allowing you to express yourself exactly how you want to. And hey, we've got your back with the complete package – each mouthpiece includes a ligature and cap, so you can dive straight into your music without missing a beat. Join the ranks of saxophone greats like Sonny Rollins and Plas Johnson who have trusted Berg Larsen to bring their sound to life. Elevate your playing to new heights with the Berg Larsen Tenor Saxophone Hard Rubber Mouthpiece - where tradition, quality, and innovation come together for an unforgettable musical journey.


  • EXPERIENCE THE LEGACY OF BERG LARSEN: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Berg Larsen Tenor Saxophone Hard Rubber Mouthpiece embodies the rich heritage of Berg Larsen's iconic saxophone products since 1945.
  • PRECISION CRAFTSMANSHIP: Meticulously crafted from black ebonite (hard rubber), this mouthpiece showcases Berg Larsen's commitment to quality and tradition, ensuring durability and longevity for discerning saxophonists.
  • RICH, WARM TONES: Delight in the signature sound of Berg Larsen with rich, warm tones that resonate with depth and clarity, elevating your performance to new heights with every note.
  • VERSATILE EXPRESSION: Experience unparalleled playability and versatility with this mouthpiece, offering a dynamic range of tones suitable for a myriad of musical styles and performance settings.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE OPTIONS: Tailor your sound to perfection with a range of available baffles and tip openings, allowing you to personalize your playing experience and meet the demands of any musical genre or preference.


    Manufacturer Part Number BLRTS1052SMS

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