H. Jimenez LBQ2NC El Músico Non-Cutaway Bajo Quinto
with Padded Gig Bag
H. Jimenez LBQ2NC El Músico Non-Cutaway Bajo Quinto
with Padded Gig Bag

H. Jimenez LBQ2NC El Músico Non-Cutaway Bajo Quinto


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Get ready to experience the enchanting sounds of the H. Jimenez LBQ2NC El Músico Non-Cutaway Bajo Quinto! This incredible instrument combines a full-bodied design with a unique non-cutaway style, giving you a fresh and distinctive look that will make you stand out on stage.

Prepare to be captivated by the rich and resonant tones produced by the well-seasoned close-grained solid spruce top. Its exceptional responsiveness will bring your music to life, filling the air with warmth and clarity. The mahogany back and sides add a touch of elegance, perfectly complementing the top's stunning sound.

With a comfortable neck profile and an 18-fret fingerboard featuring the iconic H. Jimenez signature laser logo, playing this bajo quinto is a dream come true. The smooth fretboard ensures effortless navigation, allowing you to express yourself freely and creatively.

The H. Jimenez LBQ2NC is designed to deliver exceptional performance. The special "Thunderwing" bridge provides easy saddle style adjustability, giving you precise control over your instrument's tone. Plus, the truss rod allows for quick and easy action adjustments, ensuring your playing style is always in perfect harmony with the instrument.

Crafted with durability in mind, this bajo quinto features a true bone nut and saddle, enhancing sustain and overall sound quality. You can rely on this instrument to deliver consistent and exceptional performance, whether you're performing on stage or practicing at home.

We know that your instrument's safety is important to you, which is why each H. Jimenez LBQ2NC El Músico Non-Cutaway Bajo Quinto comes with a black padded gig bag. It offers reliable protection, so you can take your beloved instrument with you wherever your musical journey takes you.

Unlock a world of musical possibilities with the H. Jimenez LBQ2NC El Músico Non-Cutaway Bajo Quinto. Let its captivating sound and friendly design inspire your creativity and elevate your musical performances. Embrace the joy of playing this exceptional instrument and let your music shine!


  • THUNDERWING BRIDGE PROVIDES EASY SADDLE STYLE ADJUSTABILITY: Enjoy effortless fine-tuning with the specially designed Thunderwing bridge, allowing you to achieve the perfect saddle height and intonation for your playing style.
  • SOLID CLOSE GRAINED SPRUCE TOP FOR TONE & PROJECTION: Experience the power of a well-seasoned, close-grained solid spruce top that resonates beautifully and responds with clarity, delivering rich and vibrant tones that fill the room.
  • TRUE BONE NUT & SADDLE FOR INCREASED SUSTAIN: Enhance your sustain and overall sound with the true bone nut and saddle, carefully crafted for optimal vibration transfer and long-lasting performance.
  • TRUSS ROD FOR EASY ACTION ADJUSTMENTS: Take control of your instrument's action with the convenient truss rod, allowing you to make precise adjustments to suit your playing preferences effortlessly.
  • GIG BAG INCLUDED: We've got you covered on the go! Every H. Jimenez LBQ2NC comes with a black padded gig bag, providing protection and convenience as you transport your beloved bajo quinto safely and comfortably.


    Manufacturer Part Number LBQ2NC

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