H. Jimenez Wood Hardshell Guitar Case (LHARDCASE)
H. Jimenez Wood Hardshell Guitar Case (LHARDCASE)
H. Jimenez Wood Hardshell Guitar Case (LHARDCASE)
H. Jimenez Wood Hardshell Guitar Case (LHARDCASE)

H. Jimenez Wood Hardshell Guitar Case


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Shield your bajo quinto or your 12-string guitarra doble with the supreme protection of the H. Jimenez Wood Hardshell Guitar Case (LHARDCASE). This case isn't just about safeguarding your instrument; it's an assurance to your musical companion that it merits a snug sanctuary. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our hardshell case features a rugged, textured exterior that withstands the rigors of travel and the uncertainties of on-the-road handling. It's not just an accessory but your instrument's ultimate armored guardian. Gold heavy-duty latches gleam with resilience, adding panache to the case’s visual appeal and ensuring that it stays securely shut once closed. Whether you're rolling onto a tour bus or storing your instrument in a bustling venue, these robust latches are engineered to offer peace of mind. The swivel side handle is a harmonious blend of functionality and comfort, designed to ensure your grip remains solid without compromising on ease – a clear sign that this case is built for musicians on the move. Inside, behold a haven for your strings. The plush interior cradles your instrument, providing a soft and protective environment that honors the craftsmanship of your guitar. An interior neck compartment rests within, offering convenient storage for capos, tuners, picks, and other small essentials, crucial for performers who value efficiency and organization. Undoubtedly versatile, the LHARDCASE snugly fits the unique dimensions of H. Jimenez Bajo Quintos and the Guitarra Doble 12 string models, making it a specialized companion to your specific instrumental needs. With the H. Jimenez Wood Hardshell Guitar Case (LHARDCASE), your investment is protected and respected.


  • Durable Construction: The case is made of sturdy wood, providing excellent protection for your guitar against bumps and bruises
  • Plush Interior: The case features a plush-lined interior, which offers extra padding for the neck and bridge of your guitar. This ensures your instrument stays secure and free from scratches
  • Lockable: For added security, the case comes with a lock. This feature is particularly useful for musicians on the go, ensuring your guitar is safe when you’re not around
  • Affordable: Despite its high-quality construction and features, the case is reasonably priced. This makes it a great choice for both professional musicians and hobbyists on a budget
  • Versatile: The case is designed to accommodate a variety of guitar styles and sizes. This means it’s likely to fit your instrument, regardless of its specific model or brand


    Manufacturer Part Number LHARDCASE

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