Toca T-712-HH Hand Hammered Timbale Snare Drum 12” - 7” Shell Depth


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Introducing the revolutionary Toca Hand Hammered Timbale Snare Drum! This innovative instrument is perfect for any drummer looking to expand their range of sound options and add new elements to their music. This 12" x 7" model features a stunning hand-hammered stainless-steel finish that is sure to dazzle audiences, while the smaller head size allows it to fit in tighter spaces. Its steel shells offer maximum sustain, brightness, and clarity, while the snare enables drummers to easily transition from a unique timbale sound to a snappy snare sound. The heavy-duty mount makes it easy to place the drum set timbales on any drum set, and its built-to-last design ensures that your percussion gear will be ready to go for every performance. With Toca, you can trust that you’re getting the best sound and quality out of your instruments, so elevate the sound of your next performance and experience the excellence that Toca brings!


  • EXPAND YOUR RANGE OF SOUND OPTIONS: Introduce new elements into your music with the innovative Toca Timbale Snare Drum. With its 12” x 7” size, heavy-duty throw off, and stainless-steel finish, it's perfect for playing all kinds of rhythms.
  • PERFECT FOR DRUMMERS: The smaller head size makes it easy to place in tighter spaces, and the steel shells provide maximum sustain, brightness and clarity. Plus, it includes a snare so you can quickly make the switch from timbale to snare sound.
  • HEAVY-DUTY MOUNT: It comes with a heavy-duty mount that accommodates a variety of rods &tom holders, making it easy to place on any drum set. Enjoy exceptional performance with this reliable and durable instrument!
  • MASTER THE STAGE: Make sure your hardware is always reliable with Toca's trusted craftsmanship! Our gear will elevate your performance and upgrade your setup so you can master the stage.
  • BUILT-TO-LAST: Upgrade your setup with Toca's renowned percussion gear. This hand hammered timbale is sure to last, allowing you to take full control of your performance and master the stage like a pro!


    Manufacturer Part Number T-712-HH

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