Toca TCCD-11S Commuter Conga 11” - With Single Stand


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The Toca TCCD-11S Commuter Conga brings a new level of portability to the popular percussion instrument. Available in 10” and 11” head sizes and standard with Remo Fiberskyn heads, they can be purchased separately or as a set with a double stand. The lugs are accessible at the top, making it simple and quick to adjust the sound and tuning. The 10” drum has a 3” diameter port on the bottom, allowing the highs to ring loud and true while allowing the slaps to come through. The 11” drum has a 6” diameter port on the bottom, allowing for astonishing mid-tones and just the right amount of bass. The double stand is heavy-duty steel, featuring an adjustable arm to hold either size Commuter Conga securely. And with the ability to add a third Commuter Conga to get a true Quinto, Conga and Tumba set up, this kit is perfect for musicians on the go. Built to last and elevate your percussion performance, Toca is a trusted source for all your percussion needs.


  • PORTABLE & EASY TO TRANSPORT: Perfect for musicians on the go! Take your music anywhere with these lightweight, versatile drums. Intuitive design ensures quick and simple assembly so you can get jamming faster!
  • REMO FIBERSKYN HEADS: These superbly designed drumheads are engineered for superior sound quality and durability. Get warm, deep tones and crisp highs that will have you playing with confidence.
  • EASY TUNING & ADJUSTMENT: Lugs are easily accessible at the top for convenient adjustable tuning. Get just the right sound for your performance. Plus, heavy-duty steel stand with adjustable arm holds either size Commuter Conga securely.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Toca is known for producing high quality drums that exceed expectations! Will withstand years of use without a problem. Perfect if you often switch up venues or if you need a dependable instrument. Elevate your performances with an authentic sound!
  • HEAVY DUTY STEEL STAND: The heavy-duty steel stand can hold either size drum securely with its adjustable arm to ensure your performance is elevated every time. Add a third Commuter Conga and get a true quinto, conga, and tumba set up.


    Manufacturer Part Number TCCD-11S

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