12 of the Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Musician in Your Life

Is it just me, or can Valentine’s Day gift-giving be ridiculously stressful?

I mean, think about it. The holidays just ended; agonizing over finding the perfect gifts for the special people in our lives is supposed to be over until, like, November, right? But now, less than two months later, we’re asked to conjure another gift – this time for the most special someone in our lives – like some kind magic perfect gift-producing gashapon. It’s exhausting.

If your gifting well has run dry, you’re in luck. Take a deep breath and check out these Valentine’s Day gifts that are perfect for the music lover in your life – and perfect for any budget.

Gifts Under $20

SwirlyGig The Original Swirly Gig Drink Holder

Why They’ll Love It: Nothing says “I love you” like wanting to ensure your significant other stays hydrated. This amazing little drink holder does just that. The Original Swirly Gig Drink Holder fits snugly on a standard mic stand, lawn chair, bird feeder, crutches, or pretty much anything that uses ½” tubing.

On-Stage Stands Compact Sheet Music Stand with Bag

Why They’ll Love It: One of the benefits of dating a musician is getting to enjoy their craft. This compact sheet music stand – complete with a travel bag – is perfect for playing on-the-go, which means you can potentially be serenaded literally anywhere!

Fender Original 10" Straight to Straight Instrument Cable in Daphne Blue

Why They’ll Love It: Whether it’s instrument to amp or person to person, love is all about connection, right? Combining performance and style, this little cable will meet your significant other’s connection needs in the studio and on the stage. We’ll leave all the other places up to you.

Fender Spaghetti Logo Tee

Why They’ll Love It: This simple black t-shirt is as timeless as your love. Worn as-is or layered under a hoodie, sporting this classic Fender logo will give off effortlessly cool vibes wherever they go.

Gifts Under $50

Boomwhackers Pentatonic Set with 6 Octavator Caps

Why They’ll Love It: Look, making music doesn’t have to be big production. Good for kids and adults alike, these perfectly tuned tubes can be used to bang out their favorite melody or when making up their own rhythm. Plus, it can be a fun group activity, regardless of musical ability!

On-Stage Stands Music Stand with Tripod Base

Why They’ll Love It: Like your love, this stand is multi-faceted. With a folding tripod base, angle adjustment tension knob, and non-slip rubber feet, this has all the features orchestra musicians could want or need.

On-Stage Stands Mighty Uke Stand

Why They’ll Love It: When it’s love, size doesn’t matter – and nothing says that quite like playing a ukulele. With lightweight construction and silicone padding, this stand will cradle and protect small stringed instruments like the ukulele, mandolin, dulcimer and violin.

Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Love Drops Strap

Why They’ll Love It: Celebrate your groovy kind of love with this beautiful guitar strap. While there’s no guarantee it’ll make your significant other play like Jimi Hendrix, they’ll at least look the part with this vibrant and expressive accessory.

Gifts Under $100

Fender 24" Custom Shop Barstool

Why They’ll Love It: Featuring a classic design and sturdy construction, this barstool is a perfect addition to the workspace or play-space of the guitar-lover in your life.

On-Stage Stands Foldable Multi Guitar Rack, 5-Space

Why They’ll Love It: When you enter a relationship with a musician, you’re also entering a relationship with their gear. Whether your significant other is a multi-instrumentalist or a collector, this sturdy guitar rack is cost effective and compact way to display the loves of their life (no offense).

Marvel Avengers Ukulele

Why They’ll Love It: I mean. Just look at it...

In Case You Really Messed Up…

Michael Kelly Guitar Co. Forte Exotic JE Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Java Ebony

Why They’ll Love It: With a Java Ebony and Mahogony top, and bold satin black finished Okoume back and sides, this guitar obviously looks awesome. But coupled with the extreme cutaway body and side soundhole, it sounds awesome, too – making it the perfect “I know I done goofed, but I promise I love you” gift. Best case: All is forgiven. Worst case: They’ll even use it to write a song about you.

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