Eric Church Unveils New Whiskey with Outsider Spirits

Whiskey JYPSI

Calling all whiskey connoisseurs and thrill-seekers — brace yourselves for a thrilling sensory experience! Eric Church, the iconic country music superstar, and Raj Alva, the enterprising entrepreneur, have officially launched their highly-anticipated Outsiders Spirits - Whiskey JYPSI! This audacious and unparalleled whiskey offers a fresh take on the "JYPSI Spirit" within each of us that yearns for adventure and deeper meaning. Get ready to embark on an adventure like none other as you savor the bold and distinctive taste of Whiskey JYPSI.

Whiskey JYPSI's Legacy Batch 001 has already made waves in the whiskey world, winning Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. But what makes this whiskey so unique? Instead of following the usual conventions of blending grains before fermentation, Whiskey JYPSI takes a different approach. It sources individual aged whiskey components from various origins and scientifically blends them to recreate the traditional bourbon mash bill.

More Than Whiskey

Church and Alva went beyond simply developing a new whiskey; they meticulously crafted a complete experience, from conceptualization to launch. This encompassed everything from taste and packaging to marketing and perspective. Their aim was not only to produce the highest quality whiskey possible, but also to encourage individuals to seize opportunities and relish life to its fullest potential.Bottle of Whiskey JYPSI with their award from the World Spirits Competition

Whiskey JYPSI celebrates doing things the unconventional way. It’s the commitment to the creative spirit, the process and the journey that excites me the most,” says Church. “It’s meant to inspire others to take chances like we have – follow a different path and enjoy and experience life at its fullest.”

But they didn't do it alone. They enlisted the help of experienced masters in the art and science of distilling. After meeting with various master distillers and blenders, they chose Ari Sussman, an award-winning whiskey maker and former head of Spirits Development at the Artisan Distilling Program at Michigan State University.

"I was excited to work with these guys because it all centered on quality and creativity," Sussman said. "There were no rules or parameters. It just had to be the finest whiskey possible. Period."

And the inspiration for Whiskey JYPSI didn't just come from whiskey experts, but also from Church's music. “Eric’s music led the way to JYPSI’s unique mix” says Sussman. He immersed himself in Church's music, which led to the creation of a rich, diverse blend of whiskey that breaks industry conventions and promises to lead to extraordinary whiskey experiences.

A Spirit For The Soul

Get ready to embark on a tantalizing journey for your taste buds! Whiskey JYPSI's excellence extends beyond its liquid contents; its distinctive patented bottle design, which draws inspiration from classic copper pot stills, and the non-traditional manufacturing process of the whiskey itself, are both unparalleled in their taste and quality.

Whiskey JYPSI's Legacy Batch 001 is now available in 38 states through ReserveBar, with an SRP of $199.99. However, due to state legalities, alcohol cannot be shipped to several states, including TN, KS, MA, AL, AK, MI, MS, OR, UT, GA, HI, and VT. Retailers in Tennessee will carry the product while supplies last. You may visit for more information.