Geneva Supply Acquires Cascio Interstate Music, Takes Legendary Wisconsin Business In-House and Online

The award-winning E-Commerce company announced plans for a new online retail site and continued partnerships with global music retail brands.

DELAVAN, WISCONSIN – (July 21, 2020) – Wisconsin-based Geneva Supply has acquired Cascio Interstate Music, the 14th largest musical instrument dealer in the United States. Through a voluntary receivership, the purchase solidifies a historic musical instrument retailer’s ownership by an emerging E-commerce leader.

“One of the most exciting things about this acquisition is that we get to elevate a legendary Wisconsin business alongside us by delivering a range of musical products without geographical or distribution limitations at the same value,” said Jeff Peterson, Co-Founder/CEO of Geneva Supply. “Top musical instrument manufacturing companies and brands now can find and channel new customers with a trusted and valued partner.”

  • Launched in 2009, Geneva Supply provides brand strategy, digital marketing services, and supply chain solutions for Amazon and E-Commerce platforms. Co-founders, Jeff Peterson and Mark Becker, were recognized asSmall Business Persons of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration in 2020.
  • Cascio Interstate Music was founded in 1946 by Frank Cascio as a small teaching and accordion studio called the West Milwaukee Accordion School. It’s brand of instruments and accessories have been recommended by musicians and educators for over 70 years. It’s been a national player in the music industry with products like Archer Guitars, Ravel Woodwinds, Union Drums, and Melokia Ukuleles and more.

“Cascio Interstate Music has an impressive catalog of proven product performance, backed by a passion for music,” said Mark Becker, Co-Founder/COO of Geneva Supply. “The business was built on decades of undeniable value and consumer loyalty. We have high expectations for expanding product availability to musicians and repositioning the seller model to the online marketplace to connect everything and everyone.”

As demand grows for businesses to move to an online consumer base, Geneva Supply has been helping organizations better understand how E-commerce might work with their seller strategies and supply demands and, in return, significantly impact local and state economies. In 2019, Geneva Supply was named the fastest-growing company of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce’s Council of Small Business Executives Future 50 Award winners.

The acquisition timing also presents an opportunity for Geneva Supply to host activities in the greater Milwaukee area and offer secondary office space for its growing workforce. Both Becker and Peterson say the Geneva Supply expansion is far from digressive and provides a differentiated experience and deeper engagement to give business and community support in Southern Wisconsin.

“Creating a relationship and a culture through new opportunities has always been our passion,” said Peterson. “The Milwaukee metropolitan area is fast-growing for business development and offers historic hard-working charm for us to renew and create. Because of this, it is a place we have long considered to stretch our roots.”

Several talented team members have already merged into the Geneva Supply workplace. Jake Miller is a 13-year-employee of Cascio Interstate Music and a talented musician who has taken on a new role as Brand Manager.

“I have seen the music industry shift, especially for beginners. Opportunities to build skills and stay connected now requires greater access to instruments and resources. This change has recharged the energy of those consumers and our product partners,” said Miller. “But even more exciting is the artform the Geneva Supply team has for creating new beginnings. This puts Interstate Music exactly where it needs to be to keep musician momentum going.”

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