Gibson Guitars Acquires Mesa/Boogie Amplifiers

After years of individual greatness, the iconic American instrument brand, Gibson, has announced the acquisition of Mesa/Boogie, a leading innovator of guitar amplification technology. With two of the most influential brands joining forces, the duo plans to use their iconic music legacies to redefine how we experience sound.

Pioneered as a “boutique” amplifier company, Mesa/Boogie was founded by Randy Smith 51 years ago, where the company began as a small repair shop for amplifiers. Eventually, Smith was most known for his commitment to creating revolutionary circuits that have tremendously impacted the sounds of our time. He will join Gibson as Master Designer and Pioneer of Mesa/Boogie through the acquisition.

“I’m 75 years-old and still work every day, this is my art and many of our crew have worked along my side for 30 to 40 years,” explains Smith. “As we witnessed JC and Cesar transform Gibson, we saw kindred spirits sharing common values and a fierce dedication to quality. Today, Gibson’s guitars are the best-ever and when they asked if we’d like to become Gibson’s Custom Shop for Amplifiers, we envisioned a perfect collaboration that would expand our outreach while preserving our legacy beyond my time. Gibson realizes the unique value of what we’ve all built together and this next chapter in the Mesa/Boogie story is a continuation of that dream. I am so fortunate for this partnership with the new Gibson after 50 years of doing what I love. It’s been the ride of my life... and it ain’t over yet."

Gibson Brands have shaped the sounds of generations for musicians and music lovers for more than 100 years. As Gibson Chief Merchant Officer, Cesar Gueikian, explains, “We are looking forward to being the best custodians of Mesa Boogie’s iconic heritage that we can be, and at the same time, be a steward of its future. We are honored that Randy Smith and the Mesa Boogie team have trusted us to lead Mesa Boogie into the future. Together, we will continue to pursue our mutual quest of sound quality and to push the boundaries of how guitar sound is delivered and experienced.”

Excitement around this acquisition extends outside industry circles. Tool guitarist, Adam Jones, shared, “This is very exciting, I can’t think of a better company to carry the Mesa Boogie torch, and I can’t wait to see what we can do together.”

It's safe to say, a partnership of this magnitude is exactly the kind of energy we needed to start the New Year right. technology and high-performance amps, there is simply no way to go wrong in this situation. To keep up with the Mesa Boogie/Gibson partnership, stop by for updates.