Lanikai Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary

Two Full Decades

Lanikai ukuleleIt's a special year for Lanikai Ukuleles as they celebrate their 20th anniversary. Over the past two decades, Lanikai has established itself as one of the leading ukulele brands globally, renowned for providing high-quality instruments for musicians of all levels. With their strong commitment to innovation and company-wide dedication to excellence, Lanikai has set new industry standards, making their ukuleles a favorite among both beginners and professionals alike. As we dive into Lanikai's remarkable journey, let's explore the reasons behind their success and the impact they've had on musicians worldwide. 

From the moment Lanikai emerged, they introduced unique features that captivated the attention of musicians accustomed to higher-end instruments. Their goal of constantly keeping their products fresh and cutting-edge has led to groundbreaking designs and functionalities, elevating the playing experience for ukulele enthusiasts. Lanikai's instruments have become renowned for their impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail, providing musicians with instruments that not only look stunning but also deliver remarkable sound.

Julia Michaels with her Lanikai ukuleleThe love for Lanikai ukuleles extends beyond their loyal customer base. Acclaimed songwriter and performer Julia Michaels reminisces about her first Lanikai ukulele.

I purchased my first Lanikai ukulele at 16, I remember buying one because it looked so pretty and sounded awesome. I still love playing a Lanikai today for the same reasons. I have a part within my shows where it’s just me and my Lanikai playing to the crowd. It’s really special.

Captivated by its beauty and awe-inspiring sound, she still cherishes playing a Lanikai today. Other renowned artists, such as Alec "Cheef" Poletsky from the Kings of Ukulele, have been devoted Lanikai players for nearly two decades.

“I’ve been playing Lanikai ukuleles for 18 years. On stage or in the studio, they have everything I need. From tone, feel, and wood choice, to cut-away access, preamp, and strap buttons.” says Poletsky.

Their testimonials speak volumes about the consistent quality, tone, and versatility offered by Lanikai ukuleles, both on stage and in the studio.

Lanikai understands that every musician has unique preferences, which is why they offer an extensive range of ukuleles to cater to diverse playing styles. Whether you're a fan of traditional 4-string ukuleles or prefer the richer tones of 5, 6, or 8-string variations, Lanikai has you covered. Their ukuleles come in various sizes, including soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone, ensuring they provide a perfect sound for every musician. Additionally, Lanikai expanded its lineup in 2020 by introducing a revolutionary and highly acclaimed series of bass ukuleles, further demonstrating its commitment to pushing boundaries.

As Lanikai celebrates 20 years of success, they remain committed to inspiring musicians and supporting the ukulele community. Lanikai Brand Manager, Rock Clouser, expresses pride in the inspiration their instruments have provided over the years, and looks forward to nurturing the relationship with both existing and future players. To commemorate this milestone, Lanikai has planned giveaways throughout 2023, allowing fans and musicians to join in the celebration and stand a chance to win exclusive Lanikai merchandise.

Join in on the festivities and keep an eye out for the exciting giveaways happening throughout the year to celebrate Lanikai's 20th year. Here's to two decades of musical excellence!