Shocking: Epic Games Acquires Bandcamp, Makes Break Into Music Industry

Bandcamp app on phone screen

In an unexpected turn of events, Epic Games — publisher of the worldwide-famous video game, ‘Fortnite’ — announced early Tuesday that it has acquired online music store and community platform, Bandcamp.

Founded in 2008, Bandcamp offers itself as a platform for independent artists to promote, share, and sell their music. The store claims that it has cumulatively paid out roughly $1 billion to artists on their platform since its debut.

Needless to say, Bandcamp has been an important player in the independent music scene for quite some time, and many other companies have tried to acquire it over the years. So why are they all of a sudden partnering with a video game developer?

According to Bandcamp CEO and co-founder, Ethan Diamond, and the release from Epic, it’s just a perfect match at the perfect time.

Epic stated that they intend Bandcamp to “play an important role” in the company’s attempt to build a strong marketplace system for all things arts, ranging from video games, to music, to visual arts and more.

This acquisition is just as important for Bandcamp, as they will now begin the process of expanding internationally and bettering themselves on all fronts with the video game giant now paying the bills.

What will become of Bandcamp? And will Epic Games really be able to break into the arts space? Only time will tell.

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