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Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design

V-Drums Acoustic Design is a brand-new V-Drums experience, blending the physical presence of acoustic drums with Roland’s world-leading digital percussion technology. When you need the glamour and presence of a full acoustic drum set on stage—but with the convenience and control of electronic drums—the VAD503 is the perfect solution. This premium ‘one-up, one-down’ kit features wooden shells with full depth and diameter, exquisitely finished and mounted on double-braced chrome stands for a look that will have the audience convinced you’re playing acoustic drums.


Close up of a guitar Amplifiers & Effects

Gibson Guitars Acquires Mesa/Boogie Amplifiers

The legendary amp maker joins legendary guitar maker. Results, while pending, will most likely be legendary.

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Close up of fingers strumming a guitar Guitars

The 10 best acoustic guitarists in the world right now

Some of the acoustic guitar players in this rundown are the hardest working players we know – touring, creating, striving to maintain their craft. It’s a difficult journey to maintain and especially so in this year. Which makes their achievements all the more impressive.

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Orchestra Conductor Guitars

Philadelphia Orchestra performs a Mahler ‘Symphony No. 4’ you’ve probably never heard before

The world refuses to do without Gustav Mahler, whose symphonies require a density of musicians that’s not at all appropriate in our era of social distancing.

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Promark FireGrain Series Drumsticks

Promark’s revolutionary heat-tempering process transforms ordinary hickory into drumsticks with unprecedented durability. No excess vibration, no space age gimmicks and consistent feel from pair to pair. State of the art selection process for the strongest wood from the finest hickory trees.

Sabian's New HHX Complex Cymbals

The new 17” and 19” HHX Complex o-zones deliver a dark explosive attack and one of the most aggressive effects cymbal Sabian has crafted to date. These are the first odd-sized o-zones produced and fit nicely in the HHX complex family. The new 21″ and 23″ HHX Complex Medium rides produce controlled tones and a complex cut that will sit comfortably in any mix. Dual hammering process that brings out a sweet rich complex tone that allows the stick to sit nicely on top of a warm dark complex undertone.




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