Luminote Agogos-Blue (LNT514B)

Luminote Agogos-Blue (LNT514B)


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Luminote offers a blue agogo with an ergonomic design created for comfortable playing. This agogo has a pair of resonator boxes in two different sizes connected to a handle and is the perfect instrument for samba-styled music, low percussion beats and endless rhythms and sound effects. When you're done playing, store your mallet in the built-in mallet storage in the resonator box. The durable resonator boxes are high strength yet lightweight enough to be easy to hold and play.


  • Agogo is an evenly balanced instrument with two resonator boxes of different sizes connected to a handle for easy playing
  • This agogo was ergonomically designed, created for comfortable playing and functionality with built-in mallet storage
  • Resonator boxes are durable, made with high strength lightweight material to keep the instrument comfortable to play
  • Enjoy playing samba-style music, low percussion beats and endless different rhythms with this comfortable agogo
  • Comes in a playful, bright blue color so you will stand out in a crowd while playing this fun instrument


    Manufacturer Part Number LNT514B

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