Pigtronix PWM Space Rip Guitar Synth Foot Pedal

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Space Rip is a synth pedal with special capabilities and unique features. The Pulse Width Modulation onboard outputs sawtooth and square waves in multiple octaves. The various knobs on this pedal allow for customizing sound and elevating your music. The Sub and Octave knobs drop voice and synth sounds down an octave from the original input signal. Shape changes the waveform shape and Mix blends the clean ad synth sounds together. Create a devastating amount of pure analog synth bass with the PWM by Pigtronix.


  • The rate knob controls the speed of the waveform’s motion, and the waveform’s pulse widths are produced by the VCO onboard and kept in a state of flux
  • The Tune knob controls the precise fine-tuning of synth voices and the Mix knob blends clean and synth sounds to capture your desired combination
  • Sub knob duplicates the voice one octave lower than the original input signal, while the Octave knob lowers the entire synth sound down an octave 
  • Shape knob changes the waveforms between square wave and sawtooth
  • Pulse Width Modulation outputs sawtooth or square waves that constantly undulate in and out



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