Huddly IQ Full HD 1080p USB Video Conferencing Camera with 150-Degree View and AI Capabilities

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Are you a musician looking for a video conferencing camera to help improve your music recording and conferences? The ideal solution is the Huddly H1-MBLK IQ Full HD 1080p USB Video Conferencing Camera with 150-Degree View and AI. This compact, flexible camera is small enough to fit comfortably into any home office or small meeting room. Perfectly capturing sound waves, the HD resolution ensures a crystal clear image and an immersive experience regardless of the environment. Still, its highlights don’t end there. It also features a wide-angle view giving you more options when setting up audio monitoring areas and providing more options for creative conference recordings. Intelligent adjustments mean the camera automatically obtains optimal visuals without manual interference, making your life much easier. Plus, this camera doesn’t just work on one platform; it’s compatible with Mac and PC. All in all, if you are a musician looking for an HD video conferencing camera that captures soundwaves and visuals, then the Huddly H1 is an ideal purchase!


  • CONVENIENT: Huddly ONE is a USB plug-and-play camera that works with all major collaboration platforms. It and can be installed on top of a screen in small meeting spaces or on a desktop or laptop computer
  • FLEXIBILITY: No matter where you set up your meeting, Huddly ONE gives you total flexibility. It fits the whole team in the picture and makes sure everyone gets their say.
  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: The camera features a wide-angle lens that ensures everyone is captured on video, even those who are close to the screen.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Huddly ONE is made from high-end, long-lasting mechanical and electronic components. The aluminum housing protects the camera from damage and gives it a sleek, sophisticated look.
  • RELIABLE: Huddly ONE is certified for Microsoft Teams and Zoom and is compatible with all leading services and operating systems.


    Manufacturer Part Number H1-MBLK

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