AcoustaGrip VC411 Virtuoso Contour Cello Pad, Ruby Red

AcoustaGrip VC411 Virtuoso Contour Cello Pad, Ruby Red


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The AcoustaGrip Virtuoso Contour Cello Pad is an extraordinary accessory meticulously crafted to elevate your cello playing experience. Whether you’re a seasoned cellist with years of practice or a beginner just embarking on your musical journey, this pad provides an unmatched blend of comfort and instrument protection. With the Virtuoso Contour, you’ll discover a new level of playing enjoyment. Its innovative design ensures that your cello stays securely in place, allowing you to focus on creating beautiful music. Say goodbye to discomfort and slippage—this pad has you covered!


  • UNIVERSAL FIT: The Virtuoso Contour fits most cello sizes, from 1/2 to full 4/4 instruments.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Crafted with a distinctive multi-layered structure, the Virtuoso Contour Red features an additional layer dedicated to superior moisture control. Say goodbye to slippage and potential instrument damage!
  • EASY ATTACHMENT: One layer attaches effortlessly to the back of your cello using micro-air technology. You can remove and reattach it as needed.
  • ULTIMATE COMFORT: The 3-layer design ensures optimal comfort while playing. No more irritation or bruising—just pure enjoyment.
  • ENHANCED SOUND: The special acoustical material in each layer delivers superior sound quality, allowing your cello to resonate beautifully.


    Manufacturer Part Number VC411

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