Alva AES25T-25TPRO1 Digital AES/BEU Multi-Core Cable, 1m

Alva AES25T-25TPRO1 Digital AES/BEU Multi-Core Cable, 1m


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The AES25T-25TPRO1 Multi-Core Cable is a high-quality conductor featuring AES3 that garners a signal to carry two channels of PCM audio over several transmission media, including balanced lines, unbalanced lines, and optical fiber. The cable showcases a sleek black structure and a 25-pin Sub-D to 25-pin Sub-D connection format for flawless AES/EBU. The multi-core wire is reliable through excellent plugs and flexible cable material and provides fully molded strain relief to enhance durability. Simplify the physical setup of a system and get access to a crisper connection between two pieces of equipment!


  • Perfect for the exchange of digital audio signals between professional audio devices such as digital audio data, digital mixers, or digital multi-track for a consistent connection
  • Features a dual 25-pin Sub-D cross-cable input and output with Tascam pin-out format and a UNC 4/40 thread for premium accessibility no matter where you are
  • Compatible with any Tascam hardware for a crisp connection that is successfully created through interface elements
  • Features an output impedance of 110 Ohm to produce long cable runs without sound degradation
  • The cable measures 1 meter and is small enough to help reduce any clutter on the floor around essential electronics


    Manufacturer Part Number AES25T-25TPRO1

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