Alva X8T8Pro2 Analog Multi-Core Cable, 8x XLR female to 8x TRS 2m

Alva X8T8Pro2 Analog Multi-Core Cable, 8x XLR female to 8x TRS 2m


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Featuring four to 64 individual audio wires inside a standard, sturdy outer jacket, the X8T8Pro2 Analog Multi-Core Cable is an audio cable commonly referred to as a snake cable or just a snake. Each black insulated breakout cable is custom-built with a high-dielectric coating making it the best choice for long-term use and benefits explicitly when several microphones conduct audio between common locations. The "snake" is typically used to make it easier to route many signals from the microphones or other input transducers to the audio console or sound equipment. Typical professional audio applications include audio recording, sound reinforcement, PA systems, and broadcasting whether you are on stage performing or in the studio recording.


  • With a sleek black finish, the cable is perfect for higher power demands, greater installation, operational stress, and harsher working conditions
  • Features 8 female XLR connectors at one end with a pin 1, pin 2, pin 3 layouts, and 8 TRS connectors at the other end with a sleeve, tip, ring layout
  • Compatible with RME hardware including Micstasy, ADI-8 DS, ADI-8 QS, M-32 Pro AD, M-32 AD, M-16 AD, OctaMic II, OctaMic XTC, Fireface 802, Fireface UC, Fireface UCX, Fireface UFX, Fireface UFX II, and Fireface UFX+, for a crisp connection that is successfully created through interface elements
  • Features an XLR and TRS format to balance the analog cable for reduced sound interference with essential radio frequencies and electronic equipment
  • Equipped with a high-quality cable that measures 2 meters and is small enough to help reduce any clutter on the floor around essential electronics


    Manufacturer Part Number X8T8Pro2

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