Supro Black Magick Guitar Amplifier
Supro Black Magick Guitar Amplifier

Supro 1695T Black Magick Guitar Combo Amplifier


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Supro Black Magick is a replica of the 1959 Supro amplifier that Jimmy Page modified with a 1x12 speaker and used to record Led Zeppelin 1, as well the famous solo from Stairway to Heaven.


  • Power: 25W (tube)Tubes: four 12AX7 (preamp); two 6973 (power amp)Two channels with a parallel link
  • In tribute to this legendary and extensively modified combo, Supro's engineers used the cabinet dimensions from a '59 Supro 2x10 and replaced the baffle with a 1x12, arming the 25-watt combo with a custom, British-voiced speaker specially developed for the Black Magick amp
  • The preamp found in the Black Magick features two channels wired in parallel, with independent volume controls and a single, shared tone control
  • The vintage-correct front-end topology of the original 1959 Supro combos has been streamlined in the Black Magick, with automatic linking of channels 1 and 2 when using only the first input jack
  • This flexible arrangement provides double the gain when used with one instrument and also allows for two instruments to share the same Black Magick or for the use of an A/B/Y box to achieve channel-switching on the fly


    Manufacturer Part Number 1695T

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