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Blizzard Lighting Lil' G Compact Intelligent Moving Head Fixture


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Introducing the Blizzard Lighting Lil' G Compact Intelligent Moving Head Fixture – your ticket to unparalleled stage lighting brilliance! Engineered for professionals who demand top-tier functionality and stunning visual effects, the Lil' G Moving Head Fixture delivers an unrivaled ultrabright output, dynamic movement capabilities, and exceptional color versatility, all within a compact yet robust design. Whether you're rocking live performances, spinning tracks at a DJ set, or dazzling audiences in theatrical productions, this fixture is your secret weapon to elevate your show to unmatched heights of excitement and spectacle. With the Lil' G Moving Head Fixture, you don't have to compromise on brilliance or precision. Designed for professionals seeking an advantage in the highly competitive world of stage lighting, this fixture ensures that every performance is illuminated with high-quality, versatile lighting that captivates the crowd and leaves them mesmerized by your showstopping display of light and color. Illuminate your performances like never before with the Blizzard Lighting Lil' G Compact Intelligent Moving Head Fixture – because when it comes to stage lighting, only the best will do.


  • ULTRA-BRIGHT 40-WATT LED: Experience the brilliance of the Blizzard Lil' G Moving Head Fixture's powerful 40-watt white LED source, cutting through darkness to spotlight your event's key moments with stunning clarity and intensity.
  • HIGH-ACCURACY MOVEMENT: Enjoy flawlessly smooth transitions with the Lil' G's 540º pan and 220º tilt ranges, offering precise control with 8-16 bit resolution. Keep every movement crisp and precise, whether it's for delicate scene changes or invigorating dance numbers.
  • VIBRANT COLOR OPTIONS: Immerse yourself in a spectrum of color with the Lil' G's 7-color plus white color wheel, featuring a mesmerizing rainbow effect that can set the perfect mood or elevate the energy at any venue with vibrant hues.
  • DYNAMIC GOBO PATTERNS: Spice up your lighting with the Lil' G's 9 fixed gobos plus an open setting, offering bi-directional rotation and a shake effect for added texture and complexity to any lighting setup, ensuring your event stands out from the rest.
  • BUILT-IN AUTOMATED PROGRAMS: Whether you're a seasoned technician or new to lighting, the Lil' G's built-in automated programs via master/slave setup provide professional results with ease, ensuring your event shines with sophistication and style effortlessly.


    Manufacturer Part Number 123586

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