Gibraltar Drum Rack Clamp Adjustment Tool (SC-RAT)

Gibraltar Drum Rack Clamp Adjustment Tool


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Gibraltar's Drum Rack Clamp Adjustment Tool (SC-RAT) is a must-have accessory for any musician looking to build or customize their drum set. This easy-to-use tool helps you quickly and accurately adjust rack clamps for easy setup, even if you're a beginner. With simple instructions and no need for external tools, you can be sure your drums will stay stable and secure. The compact size allows you to take it with you on the road and make adjustments wherever needed. Whether it's setting up your kit for a gig or making changes at home to experiment with different sounds, the SC-RAT will ensure consistency across playing surfaces. Its long handle provides access to difficult areas that are hard to reach without causing damage. So if you’re ready to hit the stage in style, Gibraltar's Drum Rack Clamp Adjustment Tool is an essential addition to your toolkit!


  • Saves wear and tear on your hands
  • Tighten and lever wing nuts, hex nuts, and T handles
  • Much easier on the hands for set up and easy to carry in your stick bag


    Manufacturer Part Number SC-RAT

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