H. Jimenez LBQ1 El Esta&
H. Jimenez LBQ1 El Esta&
H. Jimenez LBQ1 El Esta&
H. Jimenez LBQ1 El Esta&
H. Jimenez LBQ1 El Esta&

H. Jimenez LBQ1 El Esta'ndar Bajo Quinto


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Get ready to embark on a musical adventure with the H. Jimenez LBQ1 El Esta'ndar Bajo Quinto! This incredible instrument is here to bring joy and excitement to your playing. Whether you're a seasoned musician or just starting your musical journey, the LBQ1 will become your trusty companion, always ready to fill the air with captivating melodies.

Feel the power of the solid spruce top as it resonates with every strum. The LBQ1 delivers a beautiful, warm sound that will make your heart sing. Its durable construction and absence of micas ensure that this bajo quinto will be by your side for countless jam sessions and performances.

Say hello to comfort with the LBQ1's comfortable profile neck and adjustable truss rod. You'll glide effortlessly across the fretboard, exploring new musical territories and unleashing your creativity. Whether you're playing chords or intricate solos, this bajo quinto will respond to your touch with grace and precision.

The Thunderwing bridge is not only a visual delight but also a practical feature. It allows for easy saddle style adjustability, giving you full control over your instrument's tone. Combined with the true bone nut and saddle, this bajo quinto produces exceptional sustain and resonance, making each note come alive with brilliance.

We know that your instrument deserves the best protection, which is why we've included a padded gig bag with the LBQ1. Keep your bajo quinto safe and sound while on the move, and take advantage of the zipper pouch and shoulder straps for added convenience. Whether you're heading to a gig or a casual jam session, your instrument will always be secure.

Unleash your creativity, dive into the vibrant world of traditional Mexican music, and let the H. Jimenez LBQ1 El Esta'ndar Bajo Quinto be your guide. It's time to make music that touches the hearts of others and brings a smile to your face. Experience the joy and excitement of playing the LBQ1, and let your music soar to new heights!


  • THUNDERWING BRIDGE: Experience effortless saddle style adjustability with the Thunderwing bridge. It ensures optimal playability and tone, allowing you to unleash your musical creativity with ease.
  • SOLID SPRUCE TOP: The resonate solid spruce top delivers unparalleled tone and projection. Every strum and pluck resonates with clarity and richness, making your music come alive.
  • TRUE BONE NUT AND SADDLE: Prepare for extended sustain and enhanced resonance. The true bone nut and saddle contribute to the impeccable sound quality of this bajo quinto, adding depth and character to every note.
  • MAHOGANY BACK AND SIDES: The mahogany back and sides offer a warm and balanced tonal response. It creates a solid foundation for your music, ensuring a harmonious blend of lows, mids, and highs.
  • COMFORTABLE PROFILE NECK: Say goodbye to hand fatigue during those long jam sessions. The comfortable profile neck, coupled with an adjustable truss rod, provides a smooth playing experience and allows for easy action adjustments.


    Manufacturer Part Number LBQ1

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