Ferrofish B4000+ B3 Organ Module with 9 Physical Drawbars, Onboard FX, and MIDI I/O

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The Ferrofish B4000+ is a stunningly faithful re-creation of the beloved Hammond B3 organ in a compact module with true physical drawbars. Powered by SHARC DSP, the B4000+ is an uncanny emulation of the tonewheel classic, with all of the quirks and charms of its inspiration — but at a fraction of the cost and an even smaller fraction of the size! With its intuitive interface, the B4000+ makes it easy to access all of its tone-shaping capabilities, which let you customize the sound down to the age and condition of the organ. Want to set up two keyboards for the upper and lower control manuals? The B4000+ has you covered with two dedicated MIDI inputs. It also includes inputs for adding a volume pedal, a foot controller for sustain or rotary speaker speed control, and an external audio input for running an additional signal through the B4000+’s effects chain. Affordable and fun, the B4000+ is a backpack-sized B3 with a huge, classic sound!

Playing a B3 isn’t just about the sound — it’s about the experience! Being able to manipulate the drawbars and shape the sound during a performance is part of why organists find the B3 so inspiring. The Ferrofish B4000+ supplies nine physical drawbars, which can be assigned to the upper manual, lower manual, and an optional pedalboard, with the press of a button. Find the perfect tone? You can store it as a preset for later recall. Additionally, the drawbar settings are digitally displayed on the Ferrofish B4000+’s high-quality TFT display.

When Ferrofish decided to tackle their re-creation of the legendary Hammond B3, they wanted to produce an emulation with the character and heart of the original organ. That meant including all the quirks and inefficiencies inherent to early electromechanical organs. The B4000+ lets you add in as much or as little of these characteristic faults to its sound, including leakage from overlapping circuitry in the original units and the condition of the organ, from a brand-new stable unit to one desperately in need of repair!

You can’t have a B3 without a Leslie. This potent pairing has been featured on countless records. By connecting an optional expression pedal, you can alter the rate to the speaker rotation in real-time, just like on old-school B3s. Additionally, the Ferrofish features a lush chorus/vibrato, rich-sounding reverb, a built-in compressor, and adjustable overdrive and crunch.


  • Classic Hammond B3 tonewheel organ sound in a compact module
  • 9 True mechanical drawbars and 6 high-resolution metal dials
  • Life-like emulation powered by SHARC DSP
  • Onboard effects include Leslie rotary speaker, chorus/vibrato, compressor, and reverb
  • Two dedicated MIDI inputs for connecting separate upper and lower manuals



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