Lanikai MA-P Mahogany Ukulele Soprano Pineapple, Satin Finish
Lanikai MA-P Mahogany Ukulele Soprano Pineapple, Satin Finish
Lanikai MA-P Mahogany Ukulele Soprano Pineapple, Satin Finish
Lanikai MA-P Mahogany Ukulele Soprano Pineapple, Satin Finish
Lanikai MA-P Mahogany Ukulele Soprano Pineapple, Satin Finish

Lanikai MA-P Mahogany Pineapple Soprano Ukulele


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Introducing the delightful Lanikai MA-P Mahogany Ukulele Soprano Pineapple, Satin Finish. This beautifully crafted ukulele is here to spread joy and warmth with its classic pineapple-body design. Crafted with care from mahogany, it delivers the authentic pineapple-uke tone that will make your heart sing.

The pineapple-shaped ukulele has a fascinating history, and the MA-P pays tribute to that legacy with its exquisite craftsmanship. From the early days of Samuel Kamaka's designs to the present, this instrument embodies tradition and innovation. With its mahogany construction, it not only looks stunning but also produces a delightful warm tone that will bring smiles to faces.

Playing the MA-P is a breeze. It boasts a wider nut and neck profile, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable playing experience for beginners and seasoned musicians alike. The responsive walnut fingerboard invites your fingers to dance across the strings, allowing you to effortlessly explore chords and melodies.

The MA-P is more than just a ukulele; it's a versatile companion. Thanks to its portable size, you can bring its enchanting sound to cozy living room jams or create magical moments around a beach bonfire. With its NuBone nut and saddle, it offers exceptional sustain and tonal support, captivating listeners with its rich and expressive sound.

Embrace the magic of the Lanikai MA-P Mahogany Ukulele Soprano Pineapple. Its timeless design, warm tones, and comfortable playability will whisk you away on a musical adventure. Whether you're just starting or have been strumming for years, this ukulele will be your trusty companion, filling your days with delightful melodies and spreading happiness wherever you go.


  • CLASSIC PINEAPPLE-UKE TONE: The Lanikai MA-P delivers the timeless sound of a traditional pineapple ukulele. Crafted from mahogany, this uke resonates with warm and vibrant tones that capture the essence of the instrument's rich heritage.
  • A TRADITION REBORN: The pineapple-body uke has a storied history, dating back to Samuel Kamaka's innovative designs in the early 1900s. The MA-P pays homage to this iconic shape, blending history and craftsmanship to bring you an instrument steeped in tradition.
  • ENHANCED PLAYABILITY: With a wider nut and neck profile, the MA-P ensures a comfortable playing experience. Whether you're strumming chords or taking the lead, the walnut fingerboard responds beautifully, allowing you to express your musical creativity effortlessly.
  • TONAL SUPPORT AND RICHNESS: The NuBone nut and saddle provide added sustain and tonal support to the already resonant mahogany body. Experience a depth and richness in your sound that will captivate both yourself and your audience.
  • VERSATILE AND PORTABLE: Perfect for intimate living room jams or beachside bonfires, the MA-P brings the joy of ukulele music wherever you go. Embrace its inviting tones and create memorable moments with friends and loved ones.


    Manufacturer Part Number MA-P

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