Latin Percussion LP1423 3D Cube String Cajon Drum

Latin Percussion LP1423 3D Cube String Cajon


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The Latin Percussion LP1423 3D Cube String Cajon is an exquisite drum crafted by hand from solid pieces of dark stained and natural Siam Oak with Indian Lilac wood, inspired by the artwork of M.C. Escher! Slightly wider than traditional cajons, this drum has a huge bottom-end while six angle-mounted guitar strings provide enhanced high-end snap and crack for a multi-dimensional sound. Perfect for enhancing your percussion experience, the cajon also comes with a bag to make it easy to transport to wherever you go. With its optical illusion that is both two-dimensional and three-dimensional at the same time, as well as its built to last construction, you can trust Latin Percussion is a trusted source for all your percussion needs!


  • INSPIRED BY THE ARTWORK OF M.C. ESCHER- Captivating Siam Oak and Indian Lilac wood are hand-laid to create an amazing 3D cube effect that is sure to mesmerize your audience! Enjoy the captivating look and sound of Latin Percussion LP1423 3D Cube String Cajon.
  • HUGE BOTTOM END: Six angle-mounted guitar strings offer a crisp snap and crack from the high end, while the wider body offers a huge bottom end for deep bass presence. This drum will give you punchy power with every beat!
  • BUILT-TO-LAST: Latin Percussion stands behind their product, as it is built using only top quality materials designed for optimum performance and long lasting durability. You can be sure this cajon will be a staple in your kit for years to come.
  • ENHANCE YOUR SET: Perfect for musicians who are looking to mix up their sound with unique percussion instruments, the Cajon adds a new dimension to traditional sets, elevating your performance and giving each song a distinct flavor.
  • TRUSTED BRAND: Get the highest quality percussion gear from one of the most trusted sources in the industry. Latin Percussion is known for its innovative designs and superior sound you can rely on every time you hit the stage!


    Manufacturer Part Number LP1423

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