Ludwig 6.5 x 14 Classic Maple Snare Drum, Olive Oyster

Ludwig 6.5 x 14 Classic Maple Snare Drum, Olive Oyster


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Get ready to elevate your drumming experience with the Ludwig 6.5 x 14 Classic Maple Snare Drum in Olive Oyster. Crafted with precision and passion, this snare drum embodies the perfect fusion of classic design and modern innovation, promising an unparalleled performance that will captivate any audience. Experience superior craftsmanship with its 7-ply maple shells, ensuring a lightweight yet robust construction that withstands the test of time. Whether you're laying down grooves in the studio or commanding the stage, this snare drum delivers a rich, full-bodied sound that cuts through the mix with unmatched clarity and presence. Versatility meets excellence as this snare drum effortlessly adapts to any musical style or genre. From jazz to rock, funk to metal, its dynamic range and exceptional responsiveness make it the ideal choice for drummers seeking sonic perfection in every beat. Make a statement with its sleek Olive Oyster finish, exuding timeless elegance and sophistication. Whether you're performing in intimate venues or grand auditoriums, this snare drum's striking appearance commands attention and complements any stage setup with effortless style. Get ready to unleash your creativity and express yourself like never before with the Ludwig 6.5 x 14 Classic Maple Snare Drum. Elevate your drumming to new heights and leave a lasting impression with every stroke, knowing that you're equipped with a drum that combines unparalleled sound quality, exquisite design, and unwavering reliability.


  • EXCEPTIONAL DESIGN: The Ludwig 6.5 x 14 Classic Maple Snare Drum in Olive Oyster combines timeless classic design with modern technology, offering the best of both worlds for discerning drummers.
  • SUPERIOR CRAFTSMANSHIP: Constructed with 7-ply maple shells, this snare drum is lightweight yet sturdy, ensuring durability even after years of heavy usage, while delivering a rich and unbeatable sound quality.
  • VERSATILE PERFORMANCE: With its rich sound, this snare drum is perfectly suited for a wide range of music genres, making it a versatile addition to any drummer's collection, whether in the studio or on stage.
  • SLEEK APPEARANCE: The sleek and traditional look of the Olive Oyster finish makes this snare drum an excellent fit for all sorts of musical settings, from small acoustic sets to large concert halls, ensuring you look as good as you sound.
  • EASY SETUP: High-quality hardware ensures easy setup and tuning, allowing you to get the perfect sound quickly and effortlessly. The Ludwig 6.5 x 14 Classic Maple Snare Drum is a must-have for drummers seeking reliability, exceptional sound quality, and enduring design.


    Manufacturer Part Number LS403XX86

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