Mike Balter 9AF Bell Mallets, Professional Percussion Instrument Sticks, Unwound Series, Medium Hard, Aluminum Fiberglass, Oval

Mike Balter 9AF Bell Mallets, Professional Percussion Instrument Sticks, Unwound Series - Medium Hard - Aluminum Fiberglass - Oval


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The Unwound Series by Mike Balter offers a variety of sounds and dynamics with its multiple timbre mallet heads. The oval-shaped rubber, wood, metal, and plastic heads are designed for a response, clarity, control, and sensitivity. Choose from the Satin Birch, Black Birch, Two-Stage Fiberglass, or Rattan Handles to get the perfect feel for you. All balter mallets are made with high-quality construction and deliver professional-quality sound.


  • CONTROL YOUR SOUND - With clear sounds and a great amount of control over each mallet's dynamic level, the Unwound Series gives you the power to shape your sound however you want it to be.
  • SUPPLY MULTIPLE TIMBRES - With rubber, wood, metal, and plastic mallet heads available on each mallet, the Unwound Series allows you to easily change your sound with just one set of mallets.
  • DESIGNED FOR RESPONSE - The unwound series was designed for response, clarity, control, and sensitivity in order to bring out the best sound possible from your instrument.
  • ESSENTIALS FOR PERCUSSIONISTS - If you're looking for a quality mallet that will meet your needs at every stage of your journey, Balter Mallets is the trusted partner you can rely on.
  • TOUGH & DURABLE - Ensure you have mallets that will stick with you through all the performance wear and tear.


    Manufacturer Part Number 9AF

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