Mike Balter MBD7 Bass Drum Marching Mallet, Percussion Instrument Sticks, Puff - Large

Mike Balter MBD7 Bass Drum Marching Mallet, Percussion Instrument Sticks - Puff - Large


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The MBD7 bass drum mallet from Mike Balter is the most popular marching bass mallet on the market today. This professional-quality, heavy gauge aluminum shaft features a non-slip grip for extreme power and projection. The perfectly balanced head has a large striking surface for speed, control, articulation and quickness. These are the best marching band mallets available!


  • PERFECTLY BALANCED - For speed, control, articulation, and quickness, these mallets are perfectly balanced.
  • NON-SLIP GRIP - The non-slip grips ensure a firm hold, giving you maximum control and speed. You'll be able to play with precision and articulation, without having to worry about losing your grip.
  • HEAVY GAUGE ALUMINUM SHAFTS - The heavy gauge aluminum shafts provide extreme power and projection, making them the perfect choice for any bass drum.
  • ESSENTIALS FOR PERCUSSIONISTS - If you're looking for a quality mallet that will meet your needs at every stage of your journey, Balter Mallets is the trusted partner you can rely on.
  • TOUGH & DURABLE - Ensure you have mallets that will stick with you through all the performance wear and tear.


    Manufacturer Part Number MBD7

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