Musser Deluxe Bell Lyra (M2044)

Musser Deluxe Bell Lyra


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Experience the harmony of precision and craftsmanship with the Musser Deluxe Bell Lyra. This premium instrument, designed for both beginners and professionals, delivers a rich, resonant sound that will captivate your audience. The Musser Deluxe Bell Lyra is more than just an instrument; it’s a testament to Musser’s commitment to quality and musical excellence. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a budding musician, the M2044 is sure to elevate your musical journey.


  • Bright and Sparkling Sound: Satin-finished aluminum bars spanning two octaves are tuned to A442Hz, providing a bright and sparkling sound
  • Easy Transport and Performance: Comes with a carrier and deluxe frame for easy transport and performance
  • Controlled Sustain: Includes a damper to prevent unwanted sustain, allowing for precise control over your performance
  • Complete Package: Includes mallets, plumes, cover, and strap, providing everything you need to start playing right away
  • Optional Accessories: An M8 wood case is also available for purchase separately, offering additional protection for your instrument


    Manufacturer Part Number M2044

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