Nomad Adjustable One Piece Harmonica Holder (NHH-D800)

Nomad Adjustable One Piece Harmonica Holder


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The Nomad Adjustable One Piece Harmonica Holder (NHH-D800) is an excellent addition for any musician. It features an adjustable neck angle, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your harp. The spring-loaded design keeps the harmonica securely in place, so you can perform without worrying about it slipping away. This holder promises years of reliable use with nickel plating to stop corrosion and deterioration. Whether playing on stage or at home, the Nomad NHH-D800 offers a hassle-free harmonic experience that won't disappoint you. Get ready to take your performances to the next level – pick up the Nomad Harmonica Holder today!


  • ELEGANT DESIGN: Spring Loaded design keep harmonica in place during performance
  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Nickel plating prevents corrosion
  • ADJUSTABLE: Adjustable neck angle for comfort during performance


    Manufacturer Part Number NHH-D800

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