Nomad Microphone Wind Screen for Round Ball, Red (NMW-J01R)

Nomad Microphone Wind Screen for Round Ball, Red


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Musicians, you have the passion and the talent—now it's time to take your sound to the next level with Nomad's NMW-J01R Microphone Wind Screen. This sleek black windscreen is designed to block out unwanted noise during performances, freeing you to focus on what matters most: creating music that speaks from your heart. Our microphone windscreen is crafted explicitly for round ball mics, giving you complete coverage so around-the-clock sound suppression throughout your performance. You won't need to worry about outdoor background noises or stage sounds interfering with your art; our windscreen covers batteries of all sizes entirely with its robust and lightweight material while providing crystal clear sound quality. When it comes to blocking out any sounds that don't quite jive in equal harmony with yours, the simple addition of the Nomad NMW-J01B Microphone Wind Screen brings clarity and complexity back into your recordings – allowing you to create music in ways other than ever before. Experience startlingly sharp crispness and unparalleled audio texture with Nomad's must-have additional layer of protection!


  • PERFORMANCE READY: Foam Wind Screen Red
  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Eliminates unwanted noise during performance
  • VERSATILE: Different colors allow for easy mic identification at the front of house or monitor console


    Manufacturer Part Number NMW-J01R

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