Paiste Accent Cymbal, 2002 Series, Percussion Instrument for Drums, 6"

Paiste Accent Cymbal - 2002 Series - 6"


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The Paiste Accent Cymbal - 2002 Series is the perfect addition to any drum kit. This high-quality accent cymbal has been built to last, promising both an exciting and long-lasting performance. It offers a bright, brilliant, and warm sound with a narrow range and a clean mix. The response is very responsive, giving you a slightly shattering and explosive attack with a warm, mellow bell-like fade making for an exotic feeling and very dominant center tone. With its soft swirling overtones and undertones it is sure to bring your percussion performance to the next level! Available individually or as pairs with straps or strung up pairs you have plenty of options – plus it can also be used as mini hats or mounted upside down over a ride bell for some cool effects! Give your drum kit an authentic boost with the Paiste Accent Cymbal - 2002 Series!


  • HIGH-QUALITY ACCENT CYMBAL - Paiste's Big Beat series accentuate your performance, upgrade your drum kit, and is built to last. Define the sound of generations of drummers since the early days of rock with this classic cymbal.
  • BRIGHT, BRILLIANT, & WARM - With a bright, brilliant sound and warm tone, the Paiste Accent Cymbal has a narrow range for a clean mix and a very responsive feel. Hear its slightly shattering, explosive attack with warm and mellow bell-like fade.
  • CLEAN MIX - With a narrow range and clean mix, the Paiste Accent Cymbal offers a sharp attack with mellow bell-like fade that will add definition to your performance and set you apart from the rest.
  • VERSATILE SOUND - This Paiste Accent Cymbal can also be used as mini hats or mounted upside down over a ride bell for an unique tone. Enjoy the exotic feeling with its dominant center tone and soft swirling undertones.
  • RELIABLE SOURCE FOR CYMBALS - Paiste brings you the best in terms of quality and craftsmanship with their cymbal range. Experience extraordinary low-end and crisp projection as you experience every nuance in your performance with professional quality results each time.


    Manufacturer Part Number 1069306

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