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Paiste DJ's 45 Ride Cymbal - PST X Series - 12"


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Experience an exciting addition to your drum kit with Paiste's DJ's 45 Ride Cymbal. Designed to be high-quality, built-to-last, and ideal for enhancing your percussion performance. The PST X Series is a complete collection of extremely affordable effect cymbals that provide noise and trashy sounds by the use of specific layouts, varied sizes for the holes, and their distinct character and concept. This Paiste ride cymbal bears a signature silky surface that distinguishes it visually - but also provides an incredibly bright, warm, crisp sound. You will enjoy its narrow range, clean mix, and light feel. Not only will you hear a crisp bell-like stick sound with dry fullness but also a snappy edge accent response when played. It is truly unique in it minimalistic design and able to articulate playing abilities that are second to none. With superior quality and wide range of uses you won't want to miss out on this amazing ride cymbal from Paiste!


  • HIGH QUALITY DJ's 45 CRASH CYMBAL - Paiste’s PST X series is a complete collection of extremely affordable effect cymbals. The core is made up of the Swiss models, with specific layouts and varied sizes for holes that help create a noisy, dirty, trashy sound quality. The silky surface visually distinguishes them from competitors.
  • ENHANCE YOUR PERFORMANCE - Upgrade your drum kit by adding this exceptional ride cymbal to your setup. Its bright, warm, crisp tone adds range and clarity while its light feel allows articulate playing. Enjoy snappy edge accents and a clean mix with its dry, full and warm distinct bell sound.
  • BUILT-TO-LAST - Built for durability and dependability you can count on performance after performance. Made with premium aluminum Pure Bells that stand out due to their unique character and concept, you can have an incredible show without worrying about the cymbal’s reliability!
  • PST X SERIES - From the core Swiss models that create noisy, dirty, trashy sounds by specialized layouts & sizes of holes to their silky surfaces distinguished visually; this PSTX series is an extremely affordable effect cymbal that offers Pure bells for distinct character & concept.
  • RELIABLE SOURCE FOR CYMBALS - Paiste brings you the best in terms of quality and craftsmanship with their cymbal range. Experience extraordinary low-end and crisp projection as you experience every nuance in your performance with professional quality results each time.


    Manufacturer Part Number 1259412

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