Paiste Light Ride Cymbal, PST 7 Series, Percussion Instrument for Drums, 20"

Paiste Light Ride Cymbal - PST 7 Series - 20"


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The Paiste Light Ride Cymbal is the perfect addition to your drum kit! This high-quality light ride cymbal is part of the PST 7 Series and is built-to-last. With its first-class manufacturing and high quality sound design, the Paiste Light Ride Cymbal adds an affordable line for drummers who like a traditional sound, look, and feel. The base of the cymbal is made from CuSn8 bronze which stems from the legendary 2002 series and is lathed by our Swiss hand craftsmen to achieve their distinctive traditional look and finish. With precise Swiss manufacturing the overall sound of this product is warm and clear. Plus, it covers a wide range of different music styles with its fairly bright, gentle, airy, sparkling sound. It also has a fairly narrow range with a clean mix and quite soft feel, as well as a warm, articulate, unintrusive bell sound that allows for maximum acoustic performance. Furthermore, you can expect a full strong crash sound along with an agile dynamic ride for acoustic music or applications in moderate situations – making it great for any situation!


  • HIGH-QUALITY LIGHT RIDE CYMBALS - The PST 7 series is crafted with CuSn8 bronze from the legendary 2002 series, creating a warm and clear overall sound. Available in three weight classes – light/thin, medium and heavy – to cover a wide range of music styles for any performance.
  • ENHANCE YOUR PERFORMANCE - Upgrade your drum kit with this Paiste Light Ride Cymbal – it’s built to last! Expect a fairly bright, gentle, airy and sparkling sound that’s perfect for acoustic music or applications in moderate situations. Great for crash/ride patterns in rather loud styles too!
  • PERFECT TONE - This cymbal has a fairly narrow range with a clean mix and soft feel. The bell produces a warm, articulate and unintrusive sound while the crash gives you a full and strong resonance. Get ready to rock out like never before!
  • WARM & CLEAR OVERALL SOUND - Get a fairly bright, gentle, airy sound with a fairly narrow range and clean mix. This cymbal provides you with warm, articulate bell tone and strong crash sound that's perfect for acoustic music or moderate situations.
  • RELIABLE SOURCE FOR CYMBALS - Paiste brings you the best in terms of quality and craftsmanship with their cymbal range. Experience extraordinary low-end and crisp projection as you experience every nuance in your performance with professional quality results each time.


    Manufacturer Part Number 1701820

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