Paiste Swiss Hi-Hat Cymbal, PST X Series, Percussion Instrument for Drums, 10"

Paiste Swiss Hi-Hat Cymbal - PST X Series - 10"


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The Paiste Swiss Hi-Hat Cymbal is the ultimate high-quality cymbal for your drum kit. Built to last and provide an exciting addition to your percussion performance, this hi-hat produces a bright and brilliant sound with a warm tone and narrow range that create a clean mix. Its very responsive feel makes it ideal for applications in both classical music as well as modern genres such as electronic music and Hip-Hop. Additionally, its exotic sound offers warmth, roughness, and fuzziness for a complex mix of sound. The open sound is noisy yet focused and its chick sound impure yet focused when paired with an auxiliary hi-hat. It has a fairly soft response with a fairly quick decay time so you can enjoy every nuance of your performance. The Paiste Swiss Hi-Hat Cymbal is the perfect addition to any percussion enthusiast's drum kit!


  • HIGH-QUALITY SWISS HI-HAT CYMBALS - Expertly crafted from PST X series to give your performance the upgrade it deserves. Engineered with silky surfaces and Pure Bells for a warm, rough-fuzzy character. Perfect for a wide range of music genres.
  • NOISY OPEN SOUND - Make your beats stand out! Get noisy and impure chick sound that adds texture and complexity to your performance. With their fairly soft and responsive feel, these cymbals are perfect for Hip Hop or electronic music sets.
  • BUILT-TO-LAST - Whether you're playing gigs or practicing in the studio — you want quality that'll last! Paiste's Swiss hi-hats are designed to take a beating while staying in tune with your groove. They provide an awesome balance that won't let you down.
  • PERFECT FOR ELECTRONIC MUSIC - Thanks to its focused hi-hat sound, this product is perfect for applications in electronic music, Hip-Hop or as an auxiliary hi-hat. An eye catcher too – its silky surface makes it stand out visually from regular cymbals.
  • RELIABLE SOURCE FOR CYMBALS - Paiste brings you the best in terms of quality and craftsmanship with their cymbal range. Experience extraordinary low-end and crisp projection as you experience every nuance in your performance with professional quality results each time.


    Manufacturer Part Number 1256010

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