Pigtronix GKM Gatekeeper High-Speed Noise Gate Foot Pedal

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Gatekeeper is a lightning-fast noise gate that blocks unwanted noise from any rig. The Gatekeeper features unprecedented quick response time and high-speed J-FET circuitry and eliminates white noise, hums and other unwanted non-musical sounds from your signal path. With threshold and release knobs controlling your noise gate and when it activates, the Gatekeeper gives players the option to control how long the gate is closed and when it will open.


  • The Threshold knob sets the dynamic at which the noise gate activates, effectively blocking any sound or noise from interrupting your audio channel outside of your threshold
  • The Release knob sets the release time of the noise gate, determined by how soon the incoming audio is no longer within the threshold
  • Enjoy cranking up the volume without worrying about the 60-cycle hum or unwanted white noise
  • Gatekeeper cuts out the sound you don't want to hear as soon as you stop playing


    Manufacturer Part Number GKM

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