Pigtronix MAD Constellator Modulated Analog Delay Foot Pedal

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Constellator is an all-analog delay pedal that can produce up to 600ms of echo with adjustable and flexible modulation and features a comprehensive sound palette. Add percussive slapback, doubler sounds, and chorused-out, long delays with the Constellator’s MN3005 bucket brigade chips. MAD can self-oscillate and can be pitched up or down by adjusting the Time knob.


  • Constellator provides the most available headroom and longest possible delay time with 4096 individual buckets and +15V power rails
  • Time sets your delay time; adjust the knob counterclockwise for faster and clockwise for slower
  • Mix controls your wet/dry balance, while Mod controls the modulation depth and adds color and warp to your sound
  • Repeats set the amount of feedback in the delay line
  • Feel knob selects between two distinct modulation types, vibrato, and chorus, dependent on if the switch is pushed in or not


    Manufacturer Part Number MAD

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