Remo BR-1822-00 Ambassador Suede Drum Head - 22" Dia

Remo BR-1822-00 Ambassador Suede Drum Head (22" Dia)


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Take your drumming experience to the next level with the Remo BR-1822-00 Ambassador Suede Drum Head. Constructed with 10-mil textured Suede film, this drum head serves as a perfect medium between the brightness and resonance of clear and the warmth of coated drum heads. Made of a proprietary processed single ply 10-mil Mylar film, these medium-weight heads produce a warm, open and resonant sound that will bring a fresh, full sound to your drumming. The Remo Ambassador Suede Drum Head is designed to last and is built to help enhance your percussion experience. For over 60 years Remo has been a trusted source for all your percussion needs and is sure to bring more life to your drum set.


  • BUILT TO LAST: The Remo BR-1822-00 Ambassador Suede Drum Head is constructed with durable, high-grade material that ensures a long lifetime of rich sonic sound. It can withstand extreme temperatures and humidity changes allowing you to rock all year long.
  • IMPROVE YOUR PERCUSSION EXPERIENCE WITH EASE: This replacement drumhead allows you to easily customize your drum sound without breaking the bank. Add texture, sustain, or a deeper tone to refine your performance in any situation.
  • CREATE UNIQUE & ENTERTAINING SOUNDS: Utilize this versatile head for any style of music! It handles moderate amounts of sticks and brushes so you can produce a wide range of sound options, letting you play with more control and accuracy than ever before.
  • ALWAYS BE READY TO ROCK: Don’t miss out on an opportunity due to old drumheads! Always have the confidence that what you bring is ready for performance.
  • REMO IS A TRUSTED SOURCE: For nearly half a century Remo has been renowned for its percussion gear needs. Don't settle for second best-- reach for those big dreams with this reliable product from a name you can trust. Life's too short to not get rocking!


    Manufacturer Part Number BR-1822-00

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