Remo M7-1106-S6-SD003 Conga Drum Head Tucked - 11"

Remo M7-1106-S6-SD003 Conga Drum Head Tucked (11")


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Discover the superior sound and feel of Remo’s M7-1106-S6-SD003 Conga Drum Head Tucked: your go-to for unsurpassable sound and stability. Its Fiberskyn film provides superior construction, low maintenance and is weather resistant. Our patented Tucked drumhead technology is considered the most durable Bongo drumhead and is preferred for its authentic drum sound, maximum projection, and lively overtones. It’s also built to last, giving you an enhanced percussion experience. Plus, our drumheads fit “regular” full size model Bongo drums from various of the major manufacturers, ensuring you can find the perfect fit for your percussion needs. And don’t forget, Remo is a trusted source for all your percussion needs, so you can always rely on us to help you find the best drum heads around. Get ready to be blown away by the powerful sound of your M7-1106-S6-SD003 Conga Drum Head Tucked.


  • MOST DURABLE DRUMHEADS: Skyndeep is the ultimate combination of great looks and superior sound. It's weather-resistant and has warm tones that increase sound, volume, and projection in any environment. Remo's patented Tucked drumhead technology is the most durable on the market!
  • SKYNDEEP GRAPHICS: Wow your audiences with the most attractive looking drums you can get! Skyndeep is a polyester surface infused with pigment to create vibrant colors and warm tones - perfect for any environment.
  • IMPROVE YOUR EXPERIENCE: Whether you are a pro or just starting out, you’ll love the easy setup of these drum heads. Instantly elevate your percussion experience as you effortlessly create unique and entertaining sounds.
  • ALWAYS READY TO ROCK: We know once you give our drumheads a try, there's no going back! Built to last so you won't have to replace them any time soon.
  • REMO IS A TRUSTED SOURCE: For nearly half a century Remo has been renowned for its percussion gear needs. Don't settle for second best-- reach for those big dreams with this reliable product from a name you can trust. Life's too short to not get rocking!


    Manufacturer Part Number M7-1106-S6-SD003

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