Remo SD-0114-00 14" Diplomat Hazy Snare Side Drum Head

Remo SD-0114-00 14" Diplomat Hazy Snare Side Drum Head

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The SD-0114-00 Diplomat Hazy Snare Side Drumhead features open, bright tones with maximum sensitivity, sustain, and projection. Constructed with 1-ply of 2-mil film, the Diplomat Hazy Snare Side drumhead provides clarity for an accentuated snare drum response. Additionally, the drumhead is exceptionally lightweight and allows your drum's sticks to move naturally with the lightest touch. Available in sizes ranging from 8-15 inches, the drum accessory will give your snare drum the best makeover.


  • Designed to provide a crisp tone with incredible sustain
  • Features an excellent batter drumhead for various drumming techniques and musical styles
  • Custom-made with single-ply 2-mil Mylar that sits snug on the drum
  • Provides your snare drum with an extra snap, warm tones, and open sustain for the best sound
  • Utilize this drumhead to add a vintage look to your snare drum with the brightest snare response



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