Sabian 18" AA Marching Band Hand Cymbals

Sabian 18" AA Marching Band Hand Cymbals


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Are you looking for top-quality hand cymbals to elevate your marching band or front ensemble performance? Look no further than the Sabian AA 21822 18" Marching Band Hand Cymbals. Crafted to deliver a full-bodied and bright tone, these cymbals provide the perfect balance of attack, sustain, and projection. Whether you're performing in a high school or collegiate band, these cymbals offer a wide dynamic range and excellent volume. With their medium-heavy weight and natural finish, the Sabian AA Marching Band Hand Cymbals ensure that your performance not only sounds impressive but looks professional too.


  • FULL ATTACK AND LONG SUSTAIN: The Sabian AA 21822 18" Marching Band Hand Cymbals deliver a full-bodied, bright tone with a powerful attack and long sustain, making them ideal for marching bands and front ensembles.
  • BRIGHT TONE: Crafted to provide a bright and cutting sound, these cymbals ensure that your performance stands out, even in large ensembles and outdoor settings.
  • WIDE DYNAMIC RANGE: With a wide dynamic range, these cymbals offer versatility, allowing you to create a range of dynamic contrasts to suit different musical passages.
  • MEDIUM-HEAVY WEIGHT: The medium-heavy weight of these cymbals delivers a moderate pitch spread, making them well-suited for high school and collegiate bands, ensuring excellent projection and volume.
  • NATURAL FINISH: Finished in a natural luster, these hand cymbals not only sound great but also look fantastic, adding a professional touch to any marching band performance.


    Manufacturer Part Number 21822

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