Sabian 7" HHX Evolution Brilliant Splash Cymbal

Sabian 7" HHX Evolution Brilliant Splash Cymbal


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Are you ready to elevate your drumming experience to new heights? Introducing the Sabian 7" HHX Evolution Brilliant Splash Cymbal, a masterpiece designed for discerning drummers seeking perfection in sound and performance. Crafted with precision and passion, this splash cymbal delivers a superb balance of crispness and sustain, ensuring your every stroke is met with brilliance. With its HHX Evolution design, it produces hot, dark tones that complement any musical genre with finesse. Whether you're playing at low or medium volumes, its ultra-thin construction guarantees exceptional responsiveness and articulation, allowing you to express yourself with utmost clarity. Experience the bright, fast, and penetrating projection that cuts through the mix, giving your performance the edge it deserves. Elevate your sound with the Sabian 7" HHX Evolution Brilliant Splash Cymbal and unleash your musical potential like never before.


  • SUPERB SOUND: Experience superb sound with just the right splash and decay with the Sabian 7" HHX Evolution Brilliant Splash Cymbal.
  • HHX EVOLUTION DESIGN: This splash cymbal features the HHX Evolution design, delivering hot, dark tones suitable for all styles of music.
  • ULTRA-THIN DESIGN: The extra-thin design of this 7-inch splash cymbal is perfect for playing at low to medium volumes, providing exceptional versatility.
  • BRIGHT PROJECTION: Designed for bright, fast, and penetrating projection, the Sabian HHX Evolution splash cymbal ensures your performance cuts through the mix.
  • MODERN DARK RESPONSE: Get a modern dark response ideal for low-pitched and warmer-toned songs. Designed in collaboration with Dave Weckl, this splash cymbal is sure to impress.


    Manufacturer Part Number 10705XEB

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