Toca 5300-MB 30th Anniversary Bongos - Margarita Blanca


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The Toca 5300-MB 30th Anniversary Bongos are a limited edition set of bongos that will elevate your percussion performance. These bongos feature luminescent shells with one-of-a-kind anodized hardware that are richly adorned for an eye-catching look. The bongos are topped with white Remo® Nuskyn® heads and finished off with the 30th anniversary logo on the nameplates, making these bongos stand out from the rest. With seamless fiberglass shells and 7” and 8.5” heads, these bongos are built to last. Additionally, matching Congas are available to purchase separately, allowing you to create a cohesive ensemble. With its trusted reputation in percussion, Toca is a trustworthy source for all your percussion needs, and the Toca 5300-MB 30th Anniversary Bongos will certainly help take your performance to the next level.


  • ELEVATE YOUR PERFORMANCE: Play the Bongos with confidence and pride knowing this set is built-to-last. Toca's 30th Anniversary Margarita Blanca Bongos have seamless fiberglass shells and top-quality anodized hardware making them durable enough to stand up to your most vigorous performances.
  • REMO® NUSKYN® HEADS - Tune these bongos to perfection with Remo® Nuskyn® heads which offer superior sound and longevity. Plus, they look amazing too with luminescent shells richly adorned with one-of-a-kind anodized hardware and a 30th anniversary logo on the nameplates.
  • MATCHING CONVOS ARE AVAILABLE: Enhance your soundscape even further by adding matching congas! With the same luminescent shell design, perfect 7” and 8.5” head sizes, and 30th anniversary logo as the bongos, you can create an unforgettable presentation that will leave them speechless!
  • BUILT-TO-LAST: Whether you’re a professional or just getting started in percussion, you need gear that is reliable and dependable. With Toca as your trusted source, never worry about purchasing poor quality instruments again – they stand behind their products 100%. Get ready for a lifetime of jammin'!
  • PLAY IN STYLE: Impress friends & family alike with these limited edition bongos featuring unparalleled design details & beautiful colors. This special collection features a unique logo designed just for this 30th Anniversary Margarita Blanca Bongos, making them true collectible gems.


    Manufacturer Part Number 5300-MB

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