Toca GSPFS-10 Freestyle Goat Skin Head with Ring, 10"

Toca GSPFS-10 Freestyle Goat Skin Head with Ring - 10"


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Looking for a djembe that can produce the deep bass tones you need? Look no further than the Toca GSPFS-10 Freestyle Goat Skin Head with Ring. This replacement head is designed to fit a Freestyle Rope-Tuned Djembe and features a high-quality sound that will make your performances shine. Plus, the piercing highs this head produces will add an extra layer of excitement to your music. Take advantage of this essential piece of percussion equipment.


  • DESIGNED TO FIT A FREESTYLE ROPE-TUNED DJEMBE - The Toca GSPFS-12 Freestyle Goat Skin Djembe Drum Head is a thin head with a diameter of 10”. It fits perfectly on your rope-tuned djembe. This high-quality drum head will give you years of playing pleasure!
  • HIGH QUALITY SOUND - This drumhead gives you the resonant, deep bass tones and the piercing highs that are desired on the djembe.
  • RECORD OR PERFORM WITH SUPERIOR PERCUSSION - Toca is a brand known for creating superior percussion instruments for recording or performance.


    Manufacturer Part Number GSPFS-10

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