Toca Jr. Rainstick, 18" (T-RAINJR)

Toca Jr. Rainstick, 18"


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Immerse yourself in the soothing ambiance of a rainforest with the Toca Jr. Rainstick. Our meticulously crafted 18-inch rainstick is an auditory escape that simulates the gentle and rhythmic sound of falling rain. With its compact size, the Toca Jr. Rainstick seamlessly integrates into your musical ensemble, whether in a studio set-up or on stage. It's designed for musicians who demand both aesthetic and acoustic delight in their instruments. Experience the beauty of nature with every turn of the Toca Jr. Rainstick. Its charming sounds and practical design offer a unique addition to your collection of instruments. Add it to your performance and open the floodgates to serene, auditory bliss.


  • Resembles Falling Rain: Experience the soothing sound of rain with this compact rainstick. Its textured effect mimics a gentle cascade, adding ambience to your music
  • Portable and Lightweight: Crafted with an ultra-durable synthetic shell, the Jr. Rainstick is easy to carry. It fits snugly into tight setups and gig bags, making it ideal for musicians on the move
  • Versatile Use: Beyond rainstick sounds, use it as a shaker for rhythmic accents. Whether in the studio or live performances, this little instrument delivers big impact
  • Spot-On Rain Sound: At 18" long, it captures the essence of falling raindrops. Perfect for creating atmospheric layers or adding an organic touch to your compositions
  • Enhance Your Percussion Kit: Spice up your setup with the Toca Jr. Rainstick—whether you’re a seasoned percussionist or just starting your musical journey


    Manufacturer Part Number T-RAINJR

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