Zildjian Wind Gong 40-inch, Black Logo

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The Zildjian Wind Gong is a 40-inch gong ideal for use in symphony orchestras, drum corps, chamber ensembles and ceremonial settings. Wind Gongs are a traditional Chinese instrument that are thin and extremely responsive for an expressive playing style. The flat instrument has no rim and offers extreme response with a shimmering tone across a vast dynamic range. Strike the gong softly to create a low droning sound and crescendo to a bright, explosive sound. Play with snare drum or wooden sticks to create bell-like tones similar to a grandfather clock. This 40-inch gong by Zildjian features a black logo on both sides for a clean, sleek look and hangs with a black rope.


ZXGO00324 - 24" Black Logo

ZXGO00424 - 24" Etched Logo

ZXGO00140 - 40" Black Logo

ZXGO00240 - 40" Etched Logo


  • 40-inch Gong has a flat, thin profile with no rim that offers quick response and shimmering tone across a vast dynamic range
  • Create a low droning sound by striking the gong softly and gradually hit harder to crescendo to a bright, explosive sound
  • Play with snare drum or wooden sticks to create grandfather clock-like bell tones and bright sounds
  • This Wind Gong features a black Zildjian logo on the front and back and a black hanging rope for a clean and sleek look when played
  • Wind Gongs are extremely versatile and ideal for use in orchestras, drum corps, ensembles and ceremonial musical settings



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