Zildjian Xiang Jia Gong 20-inch, Etched Logo

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Xiang Jia Gong features a unique design with unlathed bronze and a subtle geometric pattern on the playing surface. Xiang Jia gong produces a deep, clear sound that is ideal for chamber music and meditative settings with its rich enveloping tones. Change up your mallet size to produce higher-pitched tones. This 20-inch gong features a raw finish with deeper rims that create a richer tone. Xiang Jia Gong has a Zildjian logo etched in the front and a small black logo on the back and is hung with a black rope for a sleek and clean look when played. Enjoy creating warmer tones that have impressive presence rather than thunderous effects like other gongs.


  • Xiang Jia Gong is a uniquely designed, unlathed gong with a subtle geometric pattern across the playing surface
  • A raw finish with deep rims creates rich tone that is ideal for meditative settings and chamber music
  • Switch up mallet sizes to create higher-pitched tones when playing the Xiang Jia gong
  • Xiang Jia Gong produces warmer tones that are deeper and less thunderous than other gongs for a more rich, clear sound
  • Features an etched Zildjian logo on the front and a small back logo on the back and is hung with a black rope for a sleek look while being played



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