Aquarian REF18W 18" Reflector Ice White Drumhead

Aquarian REF18W 18" Reflector Ice White Drumhead

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Inspired by drumming great Eric Moore, the new Aquarian Ice White Reflector Drum Head features a unique 2-Ply Hybrid Film combination that enhances the stick attack when played at higher volumes. Like the original line of Aquarian's two-ply Reflector heads, they are meant to be played HARD, FAST, and with emotion! The new 17-mil Aquarian Hybrid film combination makes ice white reflector heads both durable and musical. The Bottom ply uses Aquarian's 10-mil white drumhead film, which is denser, stiffer, and brighter than our standard material. The top layer uses Aquarian's transparent 7-mil drumhead film for warmth. The result is a reflective white playing surface that adds even more personality to the performance. The Aquarian Safe-T Lok Hoop makes for a quick and easy tune-up every time.


REF8 - 8" Black

REF8W - 8" White

REF10 - 10" Black

REF10W - 10" White

REF12 - 12" Black

REF12W - 12" White

REF13 - 13" Black

REF13W - 13" White

REF14 - 14" Black

REF14W - 14" White

REF16 - 16" Black

REF16W - 16" White

REF18 - 18" Black

REF18W - 18" White


  • The drum head produces warmth, cut, and controlled tones
  • Custom-built from two layers of differently weighted films with intense durability
  • Equipped with a 10-mil smooth white bottom that delivers brightness and speed
  • 7-mil Nu-Brite top warms the sound and controls note length during performances
  • These heads will give you the best sound, no matter how loud things get



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